Back Yard Waterfalls & More

Concrete Hot Tub Pads

Look no further! We can come give you a free quote about water falls and backyard features.. Back Yard Waterfalls  and features are an amazing tranquil feature for your landscaping and your peace of mind.

  Your hut tub needs to be on a hard level, secure surface such as patio block or concrete. We can design a block patio for you or simply pour your concrete pad or whatever you want. Quotes about waterfalls and backyard waterfalls can vary depending on the size, depth, stone, size of pumps and filters, size and many other reasons, but we will certainly give you our best in hopes to do business with you.

Water Fall Features

With many years of experience Aquatic Technologies will custom tailor your own water fall wether it be independent or attached to your spa or pool we will make it yours.. We offer any and every type of stone and lighting to go with it.. Just let us know whjat you need..

Stone walls and walk ways

Let our backyard specialist help you design your dreamscape..

Are you having trouble deciding if you need a new walkway or stone wall?


We offer all types of stone walls, pavers and like well as brick, stone, crushed shell  or any other type of walkways you may need.. 

Coy Ponds

Add some coy to your beautiful waterfall and or pond.. We will also curtail this to your wants and needs.

Lighting Features

Let your imagination flow when it comes to lighting for your waterfall or pond. We can add any type of lighting you may want. We offer solar or hardwired lighting systems and we will help you decide what is right for your application.