Hot Tub Return Policies

Please remember to register your new Strong Spas hot tub

☆ All brand new hot tubs come with a no hassle long term, onsite repair warranty and if for some reason we cannot fix it, we will replace it with a brand new one at no cost to you. You may also purchase an additional Repair service warranty from Aquatic Technologies Inc. For up to 10 years on and after your manufacturer warranty.  

☆ Aquatic Technologies Inc. Is your warranty service provider inside of our service area. Otherwise Strong Spas Inc. will provide you with a qualified Warranty Service provider for you. 

☆ All Hot tub Sales Are Non Refundable Once Your Special Order is placed or hot tub has been delivered.

☆ If you purchased your hot tub from our local stock in Mattapoisett MA and have not taken delivery yet you may have a 100% refund. If we have packed, wrapped or loaded your hot tub for delivery or it is in route there will be a 10% to 20% restocking fee depending on our time and materials involved.

☆ We have hot tubs available from Strong Spas quick ship program which are on stand by, ready to ship. These hot tubs are Guaranteed in 1 to 3 weeks. 

Special order or custom hot tubs are guaranteed in 4 to 6 weeks. 

☆ No hot tub may be returned which has been delivered for a color differential due to online pictures. Some colors, smartphone displays and pc monitors differ in pixels and filters.  We can provide samples of some hot tub shells and cabinets. 

☆  No hot tub may be returned because it is to small. It is recommended to buy bigger if your not sure what size you want / need.

( 40% restocking fees will apply) unless you purchase an equal value or upgraded value hot tub.

☆ Strong Spas return policies are not Aquatic Technologies Inc. Return policies. Their policies shown are for dealers and big box stores.

☆ Strong Spas factory warranties are very inclusive and are posted on Strong Spas website as well as on our policies & more page. and as a dealer we stand by all of Strong Spas Warranties.

☆ Any Overstock or Refurbished, A-B class or Factory Recertified hot tubs are limited to a 30 to 90 day warranty on mechanics, electronics, Heaters  and plumbing. Most are as is unless otherwise agreed to in writing. You can purchase an additional repair warranty on and after your factory warranty. 

☆ If you purchase your hot tub and live within our service are we are your warranty service professionals. If you live outside of our service area then you must contact Strong Spas Customer Service to have a service provider provided for you.

Aquatic Technologies Inc. Is an authorized Strong Spas Factory Warranty Service Provider 

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Strong Spa Premium Hot Tubs

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