Lease to own this Strong Spa G2 plus Durasport with a lifetime warranties hardcover

Rent To Own your New Hot Tub

Live Your Dream!

Have you been dreaming about a new hot tub? Well, Aquatic Technologies Inc. Has developed a new rent to own program just for you. In a few easy steps you could have your new hot tub as fast as today! Much like leasing a vehicle you can rent to own a new hot tub from us.

1.) Pick out your new hot tub from our showroom floor 

2.) Pay your 25% deposit on the retail value 

3.)  Provide homeowners /  renters insurance policy covering the hot tub 

4.) Take delivery of your new hot tub

5.) Pay your weekly payment 

6.) Full 2 year warranty while you pay


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Hot Tub Retail value 


Tax $500

10% interest $800

Shipping fees & set up 




Deposit $2450


Balance $7350

÷ 104 weeks = $71 per week