Waterfall / Homemade Pond Repair

Welcome To Waterfall and Koi Pond Repair

Do you have a homemade waterfall or koi pond that needs repair improvements or upgrades? Here at Aquatic Technologies Inc. We can help! We can diagnose all issues your pond or waterfall may be having. 

  •  Pump issues
  • Filtration issues
  • Algea issues 
  • Stone / structure repairs
  • Refurbishing 

Some of the waterfall, Koi Pond services we provide

Beautiful back yard waterfall

Let Us Help!

We troubleshooting & repair or replace koi pond pumps

Is your koi pond or waterfall just not giving you the sound or stream that it used to? It could be that the pump is bogged down by sediment or just getting old. We can inspect it, clean it, or replace it. 

Waterfall & Koi pond filtration

Proper water filtration for your homemade waterfall or koi pond is the key to your piece of mind. Clean water keeps your pump running without fail for years on end. It can also aid in less mosquito life, algae control, ph and calcium balancing etc

Homemade Waterfall & Pond leaks

If your looking for professionals to provide your waterfall repair, Koi pond repair wether it be your pump, filter a leak or your walls structure in Newport RI, Plymouth, MA or Mansfield, MA. Please see our service areas tab to see if we service your community.

Water pond & Koi Pond Filtration

Is your pond or waterfall so green that you cannot even see whats in it? Let Aquatic Technologies Inc. Test your water,  clean your filtration system and bring your Water back to a healthy state.