Jetted bath repair in MA & RI

Pump Replacement

If you have a jetted bath tub then it has a pump. Pumps like any other component get old and leak and wear out . We can replace this.

Air Button Replacement

Chances are there is an air button that controls your pump

                               We offer 

  • Jetted bath repair in Providence RI and MA
  • Air Button repair in Providence RI & MA
  • Jetted bath repair in MA & RI

Jetted Bath Cleaning / Disinfecting

If you have had your tub for a while or just bought a new house, you will surely want to clean and or disinfect your jetted bath tub. There will be old, skin, scale and possibly mold build up. This can cause rashes and illness. We provide complete cleaning and purging services.

Repair Access Panels

On occasion whomever installed your tub forgot to leave access. We can also help you gain access to your tubs equipment and make it more accessible. We of course will leave it looking like new. weather its Tile work or installing an access door for your repairs.